Just wanted to say to all my followers that despite the tragedy that has passed for us with Nikki and Billy, thanks for all the support of this blog and that we’ll continue to support these two together or not. 

I obviously haven’t posted much since there isn’t left to post unless we go on a nostalgia streak but either way, I’m still going to leave this blog up just to serve as a time capsule of these two. We’re still a happy shipper community despite what has happened. 

I wish you all well! 

~ life is better with a smile ~: What happened to them . . . ??????


Billy & Nikki…they were a picture perfect couple.. for almost five years i saw them as they met, fall in love and create happy memories together… I saw their love from the start when I was watching Pinoy Dream Academy… I have prayed for them to be together and I was so happy when it came true….

I love her. I still do. But it’s unfair to continue to hurt her cause i’m too distant. —Billy Crawford (via pakalogpiso)

And to think that next month would be most joyous because the 16th is their Anniversary and the 23rd is Nikki’s birthday

the tears are real


We all know that in the showbiz world, relationships don’t seem to last forever. It’s a miracle if a showbiz couple get to a year but more than year? Now that’s something. Just like Zanessa’s love story (Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, yes i still cry), I thought that this love story would not end. They seemed so perfect (and still seem perfect) and that a wedding is near. But the world turned upside-down unexpectedly and an unexpected, shocking news dawned upon everyone who loves this couple. Who is this couple I’m talking about, if you’re asking? Well, none other than Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil. 

Last night, I was shocked to see a tweet from my friend. (Tweet: “ugh…nikki and billy :(“) I was curious to see what happened so I searched and I was really shocked to see news that they…*cue drum rolls*…have split up! Yes! I was really devastated to see the news. To be honest, I am not a fan of showbiz relationships (especially in the PHL) because they constantly change their status and nothing seems to be permanent. But I really liked this couple. They had a low-profile vibe with their relationship and they are like so in love. They look(ed) perfect. 

As I was reading Nikki Gil’s blog posts, I came unto this: 


I have no words for this. But only sad emotions. The reason for their break-up has not yet been revealed but whatever that is, I hope that they find way to fix it. Or if not, if it’s permanent that they will not spend the rest of their lives together, I hope that they are happy with their decision. 

*sigh* the tears are real *sigh*


Which took a while to edit but do take a look

And I’m still quite burdened with grief about Nikki and Billy but we can only hope for the best for the two of them

After all, love might find a way back again. 


Oh gosh…this video had me clutching my heart too many times. 

Credits to Hannah (aka forevernikkigil.tumblr.com)  for linking me up. =D


Landian 101. So glad I flirted back that day  haha! happy 4th my love  ❤ 

Already reminiscing about these two…*tear*


True Love Never Dies