~Mother’s Day Special~

Gil and Crawford Family! Happy Mother’s Day Tita Julie Gil and Tita Mayette Crawford! :)

Future families in law


@nikkigil : he’s SOOOOOO CUTE!!! I sent a photo to billy and told him our future kids better look like Cooper! Heehee :)

~Oh.My.Gosh. First, they were talking about wedding plans. Now, they’re talking about future kids. ❤ ~



@nikkigil : I  guess this will have to do! Haburday bibi

I am crying…


Nilly singing together is just… beautiful.

*I miss Billy more now. ;(

Le sigh…

That instagram photo just…that hit the spot right here.

Billy is leaving tomorrow and so…let’s hope and pray he does well and enjoys his time as we wait a 2 month (Hopefully quick) drought of no Billy, no Nilly moments (Maybe) and none of them being near each other.



@nikkigilHuhuhu :p

-Awww. ;( 

This is…I cannot-


It’s only 3 days till Billy leaves and it’ll be a drought of two months without him for us and for Nikki.

Let’s hope it zooms fast and something special will happen afterwards. YAAAAAAH!

And ditto on the fact that there should be a number for them on ASAP. PLEASE!

#Sadness#We’ll make it through#They’ll make it through#Tears


Credits to johannahmarieas XD

I’ve been rewatching so many nillys videos and I’ve watched this one over and over again non-stop. Just the fact that I realized Billy said I love you which made Nikki all cutesie at 0:58 and whatever just…drove me mad.

Nikki: It’s just that we’re so lucky because…yea

Billy: You know why you’re lucky? Because I’m only yours


Well, you heard her guys….

(That’s just adorable with the clarification and all that)

Oh gosh…this video had me clutching my heart too many times. 

Credits to Hannah (aka  for linking me up. =D